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More information about Rob

Full name
Robin Breese-Davies

Breezy, RBD & now the Deerhunter

Trefeglwys, Wales

6th April, 1977

All sports especially rugby & football, reading, cooking, travelling & now basic mechanics

Previous bikes
1984 PW80, 1990 KX250, 1995 XJ535 Virago
1996 GSXR600, 1998 TLR1000R
2001 CBR1000R Fireblade

Previous bike trips
1997 - 3 months around Europe solo, visiting 13 countries & clocking up 15000 miles
1999 - Ireland for two weeks
2002 - France, Andorra & Spain
2003 - Northern Ireland for the street races
2004 - France, Switzerland, Austria & Italy
2005 - Scotland as a trial run for the GS

You only need to ask my Mum & Dad what was my first passion in life was and the answer would be motorbikes, it was the first word I learnt in Welsh and it was the only thing that I showed any interest in until my hormones kicked in at 9 years of age............ well maybe a couple of years later!!!!

Having been brought up on a farm I was very fortunate enough to have my first bike at 7 years of age, that first bike (1984 Yamaha PW80) was bought with the hope of getting it out of my system, I think my parents knew deep down it would simply fuel my desire for the motorised two wheels.

Not long after that I challenged my mother what is the furthest I could ride my bike, the answer was "Sydney, Australia", my response was "one day I will ride there", I am sure everyone took it with a pinch of salt at the time including me, but here I am some 20 years later trying to achieve and surpass that challenge.

Being given my first motorbike at the age of seven is just one of the wonderful things my parents have done for me, they have been more supportive than I could have ever hoped for, they have been immensely generous throughout my life but at the same time taught me that nothing in life comes for free, you have to work hard, respect others, keep your feet firmly on the ground but everything in life is achievable, this is why I am very ambitious, confident and don't get daunted by any set back.

As a family we are very close, I have a sister (Tricia) who I am proud to class as one of my best friends, a brother in law who is more like a brother and three nephews (Jack, Josh & Will) who I cherish and miss incredibly.

One of the questions I get asked most on this trip is "what do I miss most from home", nothing even comes to close to my family & friends, life is worth nothing without these wonderful people in my life.

I also miss my sports, not being able to participate in team sports or simply going to the gym is a routine I miss but when we are able to stop in one place for a couple of weeks it is a real pleasure to get active again.

One of the other questions I get asked a lot is how I am able to go on a trip like this? I was fortunate enough to join the family business in 1998 after University and travelling solo around Australia & Asia. I took over as Managing Director in 2002 and wanted to expand the business which meant relocating it & merging with The Entertainment Department UK in 2003. Even though I was very happy and couldn't have dreamt for a more fulfilling life at the age of 28 I decided that I needed a greater challenge and something unique in my life, I discussed this over a beer with Rik and we both shock hands that we needed to do some more travelling, we both loved motorcycling and had been on several holidays together, we both wanted to visit South America so from there it would be crazy to come back on ourselves so decided to keep heading west, thus the world challenge on two wheels was agreed upon and the commitment of was declared.

We decided to get over to North America first of all to really test out the bikes out & visit some of the best national parks in the world, even though the bikes have given us some problems & I broke my ankle in Whistler during the winter of 06/07 I wouldn't want to change anything from the experiences I have gained.

To be able to travel the world on two wheels is lucky enough but to be able to do it with a best friend & top motorcyclist in Rik is simply incredible.

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