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More information about Rik

Full Name
Richard Brian Cory Davis, aka "Rik"

Tricky Ricky & plenty more that aren't suitable here!

Llangurig, Wales

24th August, 1973 - Age 35

Motorsports, Swimming, Gym, Traveling, Mountain Biking, Skiing

Liz (Mum), Brian (Dad), Phil (Brother), Sue (Sister), Pete (Brother), Gwil (Stepfather), Chris (Stepmother), Andy (Brother-in-law), Adam (Nephew), Ben (Nephew), Matthew (Nephew), Jamie (Nephew)

Motorbikes Owned
Suzuki TS100
Kawasaki ZZR600
Honda CBR600
BMW R1150GS Adventure

Motorbike Trips
1997 - Ireland
2004 - France, Switzerland, Austria & Italy
2005 - Scotland as a trial run for the GS

BEng(Hons) Automotive Engineering - 2:1
Diploma in Industrial Studies

Previous Employment
Tickford Engines
Malcolm Wilson Motorsport
Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA)
Millbrook Proving Ground

Favourite Quote
Never say Would, Should or Could - Just do it!

Favourite Food
Roast beef and yorkshire pudding
Apple crumble/pie and custard

Hmmm... write a little bit "About me"... Doesn't sound too hard until you come around to writing it! Where to start?

Well, I was born in Watford just North-West of London, and moved to West Sussex in the South of England when I was 7yrs old. At age 12, we moved to live on a farm in Llangurig, Mid-Wales where I grew up and developed an interest in all engine powered machines. If they had wheels, that was an added bonus, so after finishing high school I attended Loughborough University in the Midlands to study for an honours degree in Automotive Engineering. As part of this course, I worked for a year in industry at Tickford Engines in Milton Keynes, and upon graduation was offered a position at Malcolm Wilson Motorsport in the Lake District, Cumbria. In order to pursue my professional qualifications, I took a job at MIRA near Nuneaton, where I undertook some cold climate weather testing within the Arctic circle in Sweden. The travelling bug started to kick in, so I took a year out to travel Asia, Australasia and the US. After returning from my travels I took a job at Millbrook Proving Ground where I worked for 5 years before the travel bug came around and bit me again! Looking back, I've always moved around, and the more you see, the more you realise there is to see...... so here I am checking it out!

I can remember the first two motorcycles that I ran around the farm with. The first was a friend's moped that ran for about 2 hours.... the second was a childs bike that I struggled to find a rear tyre to fit. I found one eventually but had to fabricate a guide to ensure the chain didn't rub a hole in the sidewall of the rear tyre!

It wasn't until 1994 that I started to think seriously about motorcycling, and one Sunday afternoon I decided to take my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) around the City of Roundabouts, Milton Keynes! A few lessons in the snow and rain sometimes made me wonder what I was doing but I pressed on regardless. After purchasing my first bike, the yellow peril (Suzuki TS100), I finally got around to taking my test in Newtown and passed.

Straight down to the local dealer to purchase my second bike, a Kawasaki ZZR600, the fastest production 600cc motorcycle available at the time! As I called in to collect it, the snow started falling, so after a gentle 40mph ride home, I was soon to enjoy the spirit of motorcycling and the open road.

Since then I have never looked back, upgrading to a newer Honda CBR600 in 2000, and then converting to the BMWR1150GS Adventure for the latest travel exploits!

I got to know Rob through his sister Tricia who I attended school with. Acquaintances for many years, we didn't get to know each other fully until a joint trip to New Zealand in 2003 to visit a mutual friend. Spending 3 weeks riding around in Dai's station wagon (the original "Bitch") brought us closer together, and after Rob mentioned he was moving the family business South, I offered him a place to stay and the rest is history.

Many evenings were spent entertaining ourselves around the night spots of Watford, until one fateful evening, fuelled by a couple of beers, we started discussing traveling and how we both wanted to do more. Rob suggested riding motorcycles, and before we had a chance to finish our drinks, hands were shaken and the planning had begun! A year later, planning complete, we were on our way around the World!

Many people can't believe how long we've been on the road together and still no major bust-ups.... Rob is an amazing traveling companion, pushing the limits when they need to be, level minded when it's called for, and I can truely say that it's always a pleasure to be in his company. Thanks to Rob, I've improved my riding skills and general knowledge, and in return, I've hopefully shared my engineering experience, so between us we make an unbreakable partnership!

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